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Private Piano Lessons

“I’m a professional, so let me teach you the secrets that the pros use to learn the piano.” Click Here

Download Music by Kris KeyZ Here

Download music from different artists produced by Kris KeyZ. Different Genres. Different Flavors. Whatever your taste, we have something you’ll like. Just Sign Up for Team KeyZ and receive a free download now!Buy Austin Christmas

What Others Are Saying

People who have first-hand knowledge of Kris KeyZ are the best resources. See what others have to say about working with him as a musician, producer, and songwriter. Click Here
“Keyz is one of the greatest I’ve worked with. He takes time to bring the best out of you”
- Tiffany Shaw

Why I Do It...

Kris KeyZ productions is meant to create timeless music. It might be true that I can’t change the world, but through music, I can change the way somebody feels for at least 3 ½ minutes. And that’s the goal.

What Others are Saying

Thank you so much for helping to produce a blend of pop, soul, R&B, funk, gospel and rock…Texas style. Your suggestions and creativity have helped transcend these 6 songs to a whole new level. Your versatility as a producer has helped me create the sound I hear in my head.”
-Lindsay Wells
True creativity is a blessing from the Creator. Kris Keyz must be in tune with God!”
I can remember times where I wanted to hit the club and KeyZ would say “I’m Chillin” I’ll come back at like 3 a.m. and he’ll be on the keyboard still making beats!!! True Passion!!!”
- Marcus Jacobs